• K.T.C. Foods Private limited.

    Location: Karnal, Haryana (India +91)
    A leading Processor & Exporter of super quality Basmasti Rice from India.
    KTC Foods Private Limited
  • The quest for the superior quality Basmati begins with paddy selection. KTC is located in the heart of Basmati growing areas where farmers bring in their produce at the start of paddy season. Basmati Rice Products
  • KTC Foods has one of the finest plants with new Technological Advancements. The plant performs with remarkable fineness and accuracy that others find hard to match. 1121 Rice Products

Why Choose Us?

  •          Modern Processing Plant

  •          Technology Leader

  •          Traceability to the origin

  •          Customer Focus & Satisfaction

Pusa Basmati Processor and Exporter of super quality Basmati Rice.

K.T.C. Foods Private Limited, is a leading processor and exporter of super quality Basmati rice from India.

This plant features several new technological advancements made in the field of rice milling and processing.

Our state of the art processing unit is located few miles from the city of Karnal in Haryana where the best kernel basmati rice is cultivated in nearby regions. Our Mills, Processing Unit, Quality Testing lab and Warehousing facility resides in very vast area of Land.