• K.T.C. Foods Private limited.

    Location: Karnal, Haryana (India +91)
    A leading Processor & Exporter of super quality Basmasti Rice from India.
    KTC Foods Private Limited
  • The quest for the superior quality Basmati begins with paddy selection. KTC is located in the heart of Basmati growing areas where farmers bring in their produce at the start of paddy season. Sharbati Rice
  • KTC Foods has one of the finest plants with new Technological Advancements. The plant performs with remarkable fineness and accuracy that others find hard to match. Shabnam Rice
Company Profile
KTC Infrastructure

K.T.C. ensures that latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities, modern machinery and stringent quality control goes into the making of quality rice. The company has an established infrastructure to run the business. This includes a large area of land, building, plant, machinery, co-power generation, good landscaping, water harvesting system, water purifier, effluent treatment plant, hygienically maintained rice and paddy storage, packing material, engineering tools and workshop.

KTC's best Infrastructure

For paddy milling, we have used the world's best technology from Buhler, Germany. For final product packing, we employ contemporary technology and metal detection to avoid contamination of foreign particles to make the food untouched and hygienically good for human consumption.

The most advanced technology which is globally accepted by every food processing and packing industry has been adopted to meet extreme demands and ensure satisfaction of rice customers across the world.